Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Good things

Today. Tuesday. December  eleven. two. thousand. and. twelve. fifty. nine. past. twelve. in. afternoon....Selangor holiday..Currently, i listening to my compilation of Taylor Swift songs. now, playing beautiful tragic, it is a one of beautiful songs i heard...beautiful tragic...beautiful tragic....Then,  i just sitting on my comforter, it is such a cold weather today...besides me, an empty cup with tea spoon...another side, my black external hard disc with messy note and text books of record.  Actually i just finished my Record Assignment. such an achievement...

Where I need to start,...i want stop wasting my energy and emotion worrying about imperfections.  Just i want get a turn my life around.  I can plan and start with a list of my greatest achievement and something inspired me. Something new...

I just feel that, i should don't let my own rules will stop me from leading the life that i really want it.  I love to explore foreign things and stay away from negative friends.  We (you and me), as people will be frustratingly right, accept good advice, relax and let life move forward.  We must get pass our own negatively and accept good things are.

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