Friday, 30 July 2010

Just to let you know

semester 1
Hey guys, Good evening.

Actually this is my first entry i using English language. If you guys feel my words very formal or nerd not same as usually i'm really sorry. because when i turn to start speak in English i turn to be the serious and that feeling come over me. Aha..;'p

Okay it is not too late for me to explain regarding my programmed that i taken. Even though this is my last semester to study before going to practical next semester i hear someone calling me to story about my programmed. anyone? anyone?

This semester is my fifth semester in the INSTEDT College. I have been study here for 2 years already, and now I continuing in part 5. Bandar Penawar is very good environment to study..Wow... i'm senior now...

semester 4

Actually INSTEDT College that located at Bandar Penawar is affiliated College and this College is under UITM. I interested to the UITM programmed that offer to me Diploma in Office Management and Technology. I hope so, I will graduate with 3 pointer and above. So, that I will continue my study at UITM Puncak Alam. Insya-Allah.

Back to what i have told you, for this semester, now I already study in 4 weeks. At this time I having too many case study and many event I must join to give support and participate on all that. This semester no time to relax like my previous semester. The subject getting too hard and tough. When I refer to my schedule it is very tight like I as a superstar. Yes! my class like office hours from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. The gap only one hours or two hours, sometimes I'm not go back to College Delima I just stay in library or Starbuck (cafeteria at this INSTEDT) to waiting for the next class.

Ohh sorry again, I still story the negative side. We go to positive, I love my class start in morning because that time my brain can move active and what I study is easier to enter my brain rather than class on afternoon or evening. For this semester I have 5 subject that I MUST carry or register to UITM student portal. But, only one subject does't have final. So that, i have 4 subject to face during final.

Okey I introduce to you my favorite subject for this semester is BEL 312 English for Occupational Proposes . It is because I actually like English very much. When I speaking English or using English words and other side can understand that i talk to. It is a miracle. Maybe for you it is simple or easy to you but for me I still in process on learning. If I love it, I try to make it and feel it. But it sometime can be worse when I getting wrong. T-T. This subject is teaching by Mr. Nasiruddin bin Mohd Fazali. He already given us several case study to be completed and also a journal to us that we should write once a week and need to be submitted to him.

Alright. This is very tough subject for me. It is Accounting ACC 100. I totally does't have any basic account during schooling because I take science stream subject. My head running spinning when I look at number and other formula that use for Accounting. I need to work hard to all of this. For this subject my sporting lecturer Miss Rahaini binti Mohamad teach us. I love study with her but my pick up for this subject very low. It so critical for me. So that, I already discuss with her to do extra tutorial every Wednesday and Friday if we are free at that time. I hope I can do it.

I always waiting for this subject. You know what, it is relate to our behavior. Yes dear, Organizatonal Behavior OMT 360 this subject that teach by Miss Nurul Hidayah binti Salleh. Miss Hidayah very soft spoken and when she teach us the example that she give to us always look cute to her. ahaha...Regarding this subject Organizational behavior is simple to understand but too many term to remember and also this is psychological topic so that we cannot simply to manipulate the meaning or words. So, I must be careful for this subject.

Going to subject that we know what Miss Nor Hidayah binti Rashid ( Adminstration Office Management OMT 351) can ask to us anytime, anywhere about her subject that she already teach us. Scare right.!!! But..if we already read, and understand we can answer it. Oh yeah. Miss Dayah also always want each of her study must do mind mapping. For her it easier to us memorize and easily to revise it. Until now I already done until 4 chapter. Miss Please welcome to check...;')

And the last subject is regarding entrepreneur. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (OMT 360) Before this I really not to interested about business after I start learn from Miss Faezah binti Ahmad I think something to do after this. We have too many case study such as Business plan and also we discuss want to go execution maybe we can go to some organization and we analysis, identifying, finding and learning how that organization can be success. So that we can have effort, supporter and inspiration to be successful like them.

Ohh...guys..i think i want to stop here. I so sleepy right now. So, How about your new semester???Thanks to read..night..;')

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Mari Psycho..

Sejak kebelakangan ini saya dapat kesedaran untuk berbelog semula. Walhal sesibuk manapun kita tanggunjawab untuk diri sendiri mestilah terlaksana. Macam tulis ini belog lah... Okaylah hari ini saya rasa cool dan agak relaxs berbanding semalam dan juga esok. Bukan tipu tau, tapi tanya schedule saya esok memang saya sibuk. Hari ini saya ada baca artikel tajuk Psikologi..Untuk anda semua dan absolutely untuk sayalah.

1. "Banyakkanlah senyuman dan kawallah emosimu itu. Jangan biarkan perasaan gemuruh menggangu perasaan kamu. Jika kamu hilang pertimbangan, ia akan membuatkan kamu tidak boleh berfikir secara rasional lagi bijaksana."

2. Tension? ahh sudahlah assignment melambak siapa tak tensionkan..Naik-naik semester ni Quiz pulak berduyun-duyun..Just rileks..Jangan mengelabah. "Cuba cool dan sabar. Jika anda terus dihimpit resah gelisah nanti lain pula jadinya." Maklumlah kita muda remaja lagi bila dah tension tu , jerawat pulaklah timbul di sana dan sini. Sampai muka 1 hari lebih dari 5 kali cuci pon still rasa tak puas hati.

3. Assignment yang melambak bukan alasan untuk kita mengeluh... seperti segment keluh kesah bersama Kak Esah dalam majalh Ujang lawak antarabangsa tu..memang tak boleh blah..sebaliknya kita anggap sebagai "permulaan untuk kita berjaya di masa hadapan." Bukan senang nak berjaya tau.

4. Exam? Quiz? Memang saat yang pelajar akan membusykan diri di library dan berkurung di bilik masing-masing..Jadi ambillah masa untuk berfikir sejenak dan jawablah dengan fikiran yang tenang. "Elakkan dari bersikap tergopoh-gapah kerana akan membuatkan kamu banyak merapu dan meleret-leret." Bila dah tak boleh jawab mulalah tidak dapat menjawab setiap soalan dengan baik.

So, Eja ikut tips yang dah kau copy and paste dalam majalah tu. Okay bye.