Saturday, 15 December 2012

Awkward? so what?

For this lovely morning, i just thinking whether tomorrow could be a good like today, since i still not starting anything instead of subuh prayer, take a shower, sip for my nesvita, and switch on my laptop and just go through my email, Facebook, Likedin and Twitter.  Social Technology really take half of me.

Last 2 days i enjoyed doing this.  We call it as photo shoot.  Actually I really love doing this, since my "gila gambar" friends in UITM Jengka, dear you are not here with me, Amani and Najwa, but thanks to Syira, shes really made my day. Ouhh still not forget Nurin, Effa, Mala, Atie and also Suraya.  We enjoy our treatment sensation.

Nurin also loved taking and posing in the photos, shes so hilarious, you know,  she try to remembered the pose that just doing by celebrities, and me, i also try to memorize how Lisa Surihani and Taylor Swift pose in camera. At the moments all goes well with Syira's Samsung Galaxy Note, Syira just taking a snaps and edit the photos, I always remind Syira, if having pimples here and there on my face, please, please, edit for me.  Of course, all model in magazine is editing what???...Yes I do so.

We housemate, We in Black, day to boicot (peace for Gaza)

Me and syira, since syira wearing "gigi besi" hopefully after 2years wearing it, she will love to be in photos! 
Still  warm up..

Nurin and Me, no motive.

I love this!, awww...

Try testing, model for my own phone.

Me and Nurin, shoot for Remaja magazine.

Love editing like this, old fashion, classic nor vintage. Yes! Vintage!

Suraya has long legs! still no motive.

Peace in different style yawwwss "Y"


  1. me is so gemoks. k tu je nak cakap. haha

  2. aloohhh mana ada...ko tuh next time pakai spec, tengok bebetul..:)wink2..