Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Yesterday brought forward Today!

On Tuesday night,  Wednesday night, what could possibly keep a young woman  at home and up at 2.30 a.m? She could be in love with a boy in another country, playing conversation tennis on the little box with her flirty punctuation and animated emoticons.  Or she's uploading the pictures from half an hour ago and busy commenting on "news" from her friends.  Sound familiar ?

Its tough managing two or three social lives especially the more glamorous one on Facebook.  Your default picture is the smarter,  funnier, better looking creation of yourself and therefore demands your attention.  For better or worse, this is the "airbrushed reality" we live in today.

We also notice, how nothing is official anymore unless its in Facebook?  If you're happy and you know it, then everyone's got the right to know it too.  We have Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg to thank for this public phenomenon.

My guilty online activity is SHOPPING and while I may have lots of friends in Facebook, its really encourage me more fond of.  Whenever my online purchases reach me, I transform into a girl on her 12th birthday party.  Suddenly i get a lots of present and online shopping makes me so happy.

Let me rephrase that.  Receiving things makes me so happy.  How can you not like presents?  Even if its from yourself?  No, especially when its from yourself.  And since the end of the year  is round the corner, why not start listing your wishlist for 2012...

Waiting for this items!!! Awww I love Online Shopping..Y.E.S!!


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  2. if ur wishes were answered dun forget to share with me some of the colorful "kuih" yea! haha

  3. i do love damn much to on9 shopping!!!