Monday, 24 September 2012

Please don't crash my diet

"You're looks fat after Raya, eat a lots huh",,,..
"Eja, your cheek a little bit move up not like before, are you in happy mood?"

Now I only look for the Baju Kurung if only I was 10kg thinner....

I must do something, at least I can reduce 3kg for 2 months.  Starting from last week I already plan my own schedule for diet.  Yes, I have to.

Monday and Thursday : I want fasting just cover my replacement when PMS during Ramadhan.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 

Break first taking a nesvita just enough for me or nescafe

 Lunch i want porridge (just easier to buy at cafe) or small potion of rice with fish and stir fry vegetables only not more than that, or i will take a egg spaghetti that i can get at Daddy's kiosk. 

Tea time much better I take a biscuit and tea or coffee.

So, wish me luck okey.  Give me to 2 month to makes changes!!..

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