Friday, 9 September 2011

The Single Jean

It used to be that when I buy jeans, I tackle it as though I'm buying an DKNY bag for example must be hard wearing and to keep forever. Like a marriage proposition, there is an exhaustive check list: Does it fit well? Does it flatter a lot? Can it transition from day to night? Is it too dowdy? Is it too trendy? Can I breath in it?

So, this is my mix and match with my fun jeans!!!..

Cool jeans ever!!

wearing jeans while dating!!!! Phewwww...

wearing jeans holiday with family

the important things is, i look slim wearing this jeans!! Euwwwwww..


  1. i do have one that i luv most! tp dah anak sorg nih.. da x muat.. huk3..

  2. ahhaha, yup kalau beli jeans mmg susah nak cari fit dengan kita, tapi bila yang 1 ni ngam, yang lain dah tak pandang, nak ini jugak!!!